Frequently Asked Questions

Do you employ your own installers?

  • Archway Industrial Coatings employs all its own crews. The average tenure of our installers is over 7 years, and many of our foremen have over 15 years of experience.

What is your price per square foot?

  • No two jobs are the same. Some require removal of different coatings, carpet, or old tile before we can install the Pebblestone Epoxy. Also, slab leveling, slab removal, and size of job determine pricing. Resurfacing with Pebblestone Epoxy is much more affordable than removing and replacing your existing concrete.

Do you work weekends?

  • We work 7 days per week. Weekend installations are not a problem.

How long do I have to wait for an installation?

  • Depending on the time of year, installation may take anywhere from one week to 60 days. Because this is an outdoor application, weather determines the number of days it takes to complete an install.

How long has this Pebblestone Epoxy been around?

  • Pebblestone Epoxy has been around for over 40 years. It has been applied in every state and was first used in theme parks around pools and walkways. It is now available and affordable to the average home owner.

Do you have a warranty?

  • Yes, we do. We guarantee this product will never crack or delaminate as long as your substrate does not crack or move. We offer a 2-year warranty.

How does Pebblestone Epoxy handle the freeze/thaw cycle?

  • Pebblestone Epoxy handles the expansion and contraction of concrete due to the freeze/thaw cycle very well because it is porous. Most coatings or resurfacers are not porous so water gets trapped underneath and begins to peel after time. Water can go in and out of Pebblestone Epoxy and allows freezing and thawing with no effect.

Can I put a snowplow on the Pebblestone Epoxy surface?

  • We would not recommend a snowplow on any driveway. However, a snow blower is fine. Salt, calcium chloride, or any ice melt can be used as well.

Can we cover steps and vertical areas?

  • Yes, Pebblestone Epoxy will go over your existing vertical and steps with no problem. Look at our “How It’s Done” video to learn how we do this.

Is Pebblestone Epoxy slippery?

  • Pebblestone Epoxy is no more slippery than concrete. We apply a non-skid aggregate at the time of installation. However, we do not recommend it on a driveway that is very steep. Also, always be cautious when walking in snow, ice, or rain.

How do I maintain Pebblestone Epoxy?

  • Pebblestone Epoxy needs to be sealed every 3-4 years depending on sunlight exposure. It is recommended to clean it with a hose or power washer one week before sealing it. The epoxy sealer can be purchased from and installed by Archway, or can even be self-installed by the homeowner.