Epoxy Floor Resurfacers

Overlays and Resurfacers give cracked, pitted and worn out concrete new life and a completely new surface to wear on. It also gives facilities a completely monolithic, seamless floor that is much easier to clean than concrete, tile, brick, ect. Instead of replacing concrete a resurfacer can be a great alternative and last longer than bare concrete. Once a resurfacer is applied, many different types of topcoats can be applied to achieve any look that is needed. In industrial applications a simple clear coat or pigmented urethane might be a great solution. In other areas where a more decorative look is needed a flake system or quartz system might be the best choice. The options are endless and customizable for your facility.  

Resurfacing concrete is a science, and it takes the expertise and experience of field technicians and skilled installers to effectively repair surface cracks and damage. With Archways knowledge of all the products available you can be sure to have the right floor specified to fix your problem.   

Cementitious Urethane Concrete  

Urethane Concrete is a USDA approved antimicrobial flooring that has been popular in commercial kitchens and food & beverage processing facilities because of its fast dry times and ability to be installed in cold and wet environments. If your tired of your floor peeling because of harsh environments urethane concrete could be a great solution for you. It is a 1/16 to 3/8 inch moisture tolerant polymer flooring system that does well with thermal shock, high impact, chemical resistance, and has non skid options. These urethane cements and coating systems can be used alone or in conjunction with a variety of other coatings and decorative toppings. They can be installed with an integral cove base, and may be utilized to resurface/repair concrete flooring as well as to create slope to drain.  

These impressive cementitious urethane concrete coating system are available in several formulations, providing optimal solutions for every flooring challenge in your facility.  

Key Benefits: 

  • Gives a completely new surface to wear on 
  • Customizable non skid options 
  • Fast-curing, low-odor installation 
  • Tolerance for moisture and consistently wet settings 
  • Exceptional performance when exposed to many chemicals, acids and alkalis 
  • Thermal shock and thermal cycling resistant 
  • Withstands higher temperatures and steam-cleanable 
  • Capable of expanding and contracting with the concrete substrate to help ensure strong bond. 
  • Meets USDA requirements 
  • Solvent-free, zero VOC and LEED contributing 
  • Optional Cove-base for seamless wall to floor transitions 

Epoxy mortar systems 

Epoxy Resurfacers with aggregate are a great option for resurfacing concrete in any facility where the concrete floors take heavy abuse. It is an aggregate and epoxy mix that creates a monolithic surface that strengthens concrete and completely resurfaces pitted, cracked concrete. As a concrete resurfacer, epoxy mortar systems can also be used to patch and completely level slabs, create mild inclines and build integral floor-to-wall cove bases. When grouted and sealed, these resurfacers eliminate porosity and produces a dense, skid-inhibiting finish that will minimize dirt and chemical penetrations. These resurfacers can be left bare or be used with a variety of topcoats to achieve chemical resistance and non-skid options. While some prefer clear topcoats that show less wear…other facilities choose pigmented topcoats to brighten up the facility. Epoxy mortar systems have numerous possibilities to meet the expectations of any facility.  

Key Benefits: 

  • Gives a completely new surface to wear on 
  • Repairs spalled, pitted or otherwise deteriorated concrete 
  • Less expensive than other resurfacers 
  • Can be used with variety of topcoats 
  • Helps dissipate impact accross the floor 
  • Ultra high point load, high compressive strength for floor repair 
  • Ability to create mild inclines for transition areas and slop to drain 
  • Adds longevity to your floor with outstanding lifecycle value 
  • Eliminates Porosity when grouted and sealed 
  • Non Skid options 
  • Enhanced abrasion resistance