Driveway Resurfaced With Epoxy Stone Resurfacer:

  • This driveway and garage installation had a few unique problems. They needed to resurface every entrance to the home leaving them no way in or out. We repaired the porch on the first day. This made the front door accessible the next day while we resurfaced the garage and driveway. In and out without a glitch, half the price of replacing, and a beautiful new look for the home. Job well done.
  • Richard Bahr – St. Charles, MO (5-9-11) 1,468 sq. ft.

Driveway Resurfacing Repairs The Problem:

  • This long 1,850 sq. ft. driveway had its own problem. The ugly cracked cement had to go. Instead of replacing we resurfaced it with our pebblestone epoxy system (PES) in 1/4th the time and none of the mess. This rear entry garage drive takes a beating due to the tires turning so sharp to get into the garage. Our PES system is holding up great to the traffic and gives this home a great look to top it off!
  • Joseph Droll – Manchester, MO (8-6-11) 1,850 sq. ft.


Epoxy Stone Resurfacer Worked Magic:

  • This homeowner was faced with a patio in the rear of his house blocked in by a full-size in ground pool making it impossible to remove. It was covered with quarry tile that was popping up due to the St. Louis winter weather. Archway Industrial Coatings was able to access this patio and applied our pebblestone epoxy system over the existing concrete. We made a big problem go away quickly. Check at the palm tree design we installed in the gallery.
  • Tom Buergler – Florissant, MO (7-9-11) 805 sq. ft.

Patio & Porch Easy To Repair:

  • This rear patio was old and cracked. To replace it would involve totally tearing up a back yard that was barely accessible. The front porch would also be too costly to remove. Archway Industrial Coatings resurfaced both in one day. No mess, Less money. This went from a big replacement project to a quick and easy resurfacing.
  • Scott Kunze – Wentzville, MO (5-5-11) 825 sq. ft.

Porch – Too Bad To Repair:

  • This old porch in South St. Louis was badly in need of repair. It was covered with quarry tile for over 15 years. The tiles were always popping up do to the freeze thaw cycle in St. Louis. After tearing out the tiles, the base concrete structure was beyond repair. Archway’s pebblestone epoxy system was the only answer. No need to totally remove the porch, just resurface it. Our pebblestone epoxy system does not need a smooth surface to go over, so once again it was the perfect quick, inexpensive, long-term solution.
  • Tiffany Rapplean – St. Louis, MO (8-31-11) 240 sq. ft.


Epoxy Stone Repairs Pool Deck:

  • Pool decks have their own special problems. To remove them tears up everything around, including the yard. This pool deck had some really unlevel slabs creating a trip hazard. To remove a couple of sections of the deck and pour new concrete would look bad due to the difference in color that occurs from one concrete pour to another. Resurfacing the entire deck is the solution. However, almost all resurfacing products available are applied at approximately 1/16”, which is too thin to solve the un-level slab issue. Archway Industrial Coatings’ pebblestone epoxy system was the answer. It is applied at an average of ½” – 5/8” thick, but can be applied as thick as needed to level any area. When completed, we had a brand new level surface, no trip hazards, no multiple colors, just one new beautiful pool deck.
  • Tony Baraba – St. Louis, MO (9-16-11) 1,074 sq. ft.

Pebblestone Epoxy System Repaired It All:

  • Pool deck, porch, patio, and a long walkway all had some kind of issue. Archway Industrial Coatings’ pebblestone epoxy system solved every problem. Now the pool deck to the small walkway have the same attractive finish. No more different concrete tones, no more cracks, and no more un-level areas for this homeowner. Our pebblestone epoxy system was installed with no mess, less cost, start to finish in three days.
  • Erio Balassi – Chesterfield, MO (6-3-11) 1,880 sq. ft.


Painting Front Steps Did Not Repair the Problem:

  • This nice front porch in University City needed to be repaired. It was painted years earlier and due to the freeze thaw cycle in St. Louis the paint began to peel. Archway Industrial Coatings removed the remaining paint and applied our breathable pebblestone epoxy system (PES) over the existing porch. The problem was quickly solved. It now breaths and can handle the extreme temperatures of St. Louis while giving a beautiful welcome area to the home.
  • Mark Brostoff – University City, MO (11-7-11) 169 sq. ft.


Concrete Walkway Takes On A New Look:

  • Concrete walkways are often a trip hazard after 10-15 years. The ground is always shifting and moving taking your walkway with it. After a few freeze thaw cycles your walkway probably has a few un-level slabs that needs repair. This walkway had exactly this issue. Archway Industrial Coatings applied our pebblestone epoxy system at a ½” – 5/8” on entire walkway, but at almost 2” thick at joints that needed to be leveled out to remove trip hazard. Now we have a new beautiful appearance with no trip hazards.
  • John Roope – Wildwood, MO (4-23-10) 1,612 sq. ft


Garage Floor – Too Bad To Repair:

  • Nothing is worse than a wide crack right down the middle of your garage floor. If you repair the crack and paint the floor, you will still see the crack. Painting will not repair the problem. Archway Industrial Coatings’ pebblestone epoxy system goes on at 5/8” and totally resurfaces your garage floor. We used it on this garage floor and now they have a brand new attractive surface with no signs of the crack.
  • Mariah Schweizer – Brentwood, MO (6-14-10) 835 sq. ft..