Steps & porches are always the most expensive concrete structures
you’ll ever have to replace.

When they become worn and cracked, replacing is a very cost prohibitive procedure. Have your steps sunk, cracked, or moved? Probably so. Archway can use your existing steps and magically form a new set of steps right over the top and fix all your problems. No mess, one day installation, at 1/2 the price of replacing. Go to work, come home and they will be done and ready to walk on.

Honestly, your steps, if you think they are damaged or just plain ugly, are a problem with not many options.

To remove them could damage your foundation and that spells leaky basement. Also, tear out and replacement might have you stranded for 5-10 days with no access to your house. Our pebblestone epoxy system (PES) solves your ugly concrete steps problem forever. It goes right over your existing steps and is usually done in one day. Be different and add a little “wow” factor to the front of your home at a price you can afford.

Archway is St. Louis’ #1 Contractor!

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